WYZI Business Finder Theme Version 2.4.0

Wyzi Service Business Finder WordPress Theme is a complicated Social Business and Service Multi-Store Directory Theme, which targets to create an web site that beats the hole among Businesses and Customers. you’ll have Listing Owner ( Service or Business Owner ) and Clients. Posting Owners have Dashboard to deal with their Listings from. Admin also can create boundless number of Listings and manage all of them from Backend. Business Owner are often a corporation or a Manual Worker or a Doctor, and Clients can purchase Products or book a Service from Business Owner.

Every Business/Service Owner can have a Business Wall and post Business Statuses, share their News, Updates, Images and Videos, oversee Booking Calendar, oversee Appointments, in addition to sell Products and Post Job Vacancies. Entrepreneurs have their own frontend profile. Clients can Like & discuss Business Owners Statuses for direct intuitiveness between Businesses and Clients.

Booking may be a powerful component in Wyzi, where each Listing proprietor can have his own Calendar for every of his Listings, setting time ranges, arrangements spaces, custom fields, prodcuts linking for patrons to pay and far more. Arrangements requests are often accepted or dismissed from proprietor Dashboard. Customers also can view their up and coming booking arrangements from their User Dashboard.